I Only Did It Once…

“I only did it once,” she said.

“She,” being Binaca Blast, one of my students. The “It” she’s talking about is blackmail. She was crying to me as she wondered why she didn’t have any frieends.

“Well,” I told her, “the main reason you have no friends is because you’ve blackmailed almost all the girls!”

That’s when she turned to me and said with all sincerity, “I only did it once!”

The blank look on my face said it all. She totally does not get it. She has the problem that my former student (who was Emotionally Disturbed, by the way) had. He would bother people. I would see him do it. Then he would deny it. He would tell me that they were bothering him when I knew that wasn’t the case.

She’s getting Art Therapy, but she needs to receive some heavier type of therapy. Something is seriously wrong with her picture!


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