(Response to Intervention) RTI

Hello Dear Readers,

I am putting together a program for my school- rather, my new position. I’ll blog about that later. But, I had to research Tier 1-3 Behavioral Interventions because of the behaviors present at my school. I’ll write more later, but here is the first link I’ll put up.


http://worksheetplace.com/index.php?function=DisplayCategory&showCategory=Y&links=2&id=87&link1=31&link2=87 (Behavior contracts)



Deepak Chopra Quote!!!

‎”Emotional or Physical PAIN is a sign that something is off balance…
Remembered pain re-surfaces as: ANGER & HOSTILITY….
Anticipation of future pain manifests itself as: FEAR & ANXIETY…
Pain reflected back at ourselves becomes: GUILT & SHAME…
The depletion of energy when all this occurs is called: DEPRESSION….”
~Deepak Chopra~