My new Position???????????? Part 2

Hello Dear Readers,

I just found out some new information regarding my new position. It seems as if the big boss lady has not been totally truthful with me. It’s not a surprise though. She’s lied on me before. But, the good part is that I may still be able to have position and get paid too.

The big boss lady told me to talk to the new Principal today because having an Inclusion Specialist was not the way the school was looking to go in. That was totally not the story that came from the horse’s mouth as I talked to the new Principal, who told me that that WAS the direction the school was looking to go in. REALLY????? Why is she trying to block my position. A certain foundation that helps out our school wrote the grant specifically for me. But, the big boss lady wants to use that money to further her agenda for the school. She’s thinking too small though. There’s no reason that we can’t both get what we want. I see things that way. Unfortunately, the big boss lady doesn’t see things that way.
Only time will tell which way will win out! I’ll keep you updated Dear Readers!


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