Finally Finished

dear Readers,

Even though school has been out since Thursday, I just finished cleaning up my room today. I actually had it finished on Monday, but, since I thought I was leaving, I removed all my stuff from the closet and stacked it in one corner of the room. Well, on Friday, I found out I wasn’t leaving. It made me incredibly happy. Not only did I not have to work for free (student teaching), but I didn’t have to take all my stuff home, which included a 4 foot Teddy bear, my machines (laminator, cutting machines, 3 die-cut machines, a book binding machine, and the assorted dies), a Laz-E chair, and over 200 books. I took a picture of it, but somehow it got deleted. Even though I have nothing to show you, it was a lot to take home and put in my garage. That’s why I stuffed it all in my closet. Thank goodness I have a huge closet. So, there’s a happy ending to another story. Bye for now!


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