Journey 2 the Center of…ME!!!

I’ve been on a quest to conquer my laziness this summer. But, with a limited budget since I don’t get paid in the summer, I’ve been searching out free activities in the surrounding cities. Some of the activities I’ve found:

  • free movies at the local Rave theaters. They’re old, but still relevant.
  • LAPL has book clubs with free crafts on different days,
  • LACMA’s Friday night Jazz,
  • the Howard Hughes Promenade jazz on Saturday nights,
  • Baldwin Hills Crenshaw plaza free concerts.Read More »

The Forest…

Dear Readers,

I am so mad at myself. Let me explain. The title of my post is The Forest. I titled it that because I didn’t see something that was right in face. You see I’ve been on a mission to battle my summer laziness, which is very similar to the summer slide for kids. So, I’ve been looking for free stuff to do for about 3 weeks now. In all that looking, I did not look to my go to source- Los Angeles Public Library. I cannot believe I totally forgot about signing up for the Summer Reading Club. I usually do it every year before school is even out. Why didn’t I see the forest for the trees?

Oh well, better late than never. I’ll sign up tomorrow!

L2 Acquisition

Just in case you didn’t know, the above title is read Second Language Acquisition. So, in my L2 Acquisition class with Dr. Marta Sanchez is fantastic. I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. I really enjoy going to LMU. The professors are nice and personable and the staff is so very helpful. I am really going to miss this place when I graduate in December.

So Behind…

Dear Readers,

I am so behind in regard to my summer reading. I’ve been taking it pretty easy in the two weeks I’ve been off. I’m still going to read, but I need to step it up. I also need to study for the C.S.E.T. Although I passed it five years ago, the scores only last for five years. So, I have to take it again next month. I am not looking forward to it. Wish me luck!

The Quickening, Part 4!

I’ve been learning so much lately. It’s like information coming at me from many different ways. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. It’s like the quickening in the movie Highlander. You can read about it here, here, and here.

During the school year, I am so inundated with workshops & training, report cards, etc., you get the picture, that I don’t have time to assimilate or process all the information. However, during my down time, information comes at me left and right. I have so many a-ha moments!

This year is no different. Once I relaxed, I started having my quickening experience. I have so many ideas for next year. I’ll share them with you as I go.

Lakeshore’s People Colored Crayons & Loving Yourself!

This is just a observation of mine I discovered regarding students who are insecure in themselves. I actually begin the school year using this as a test. It’s not foolproof though, since there are some students who aren’t aware of their skin tone, but I use it anyway. That’s one of the reasons I love, love, love Lakeshore’s people-colored-crayons and what they represent. It helps me know which students I need to work with on their self-esteem. At the beginning of the school year I make it a point to have my students pick the color closest to their skin color. The students who aren’t secure with themselves or who don’t like their color invariably pick a color nowhere near their own skin tone. It’ usually about two shades lighter than their actual skin tone. Imagine my surprise when the same thing happened with Hispanic students. I thought this was a phenomenon exclusive to black children. Has this happened in your class or with someone else you know? What say you?