Journey 2 the Center of…ME!!!

I’ve been on a quest to conquer my laziness this summer. But, with a limited budget since I don’t get paid in the summer, I’ve been searching out free activities in the surrounding cities. Some of the activities I’ve found:

  • free movies at the local Rave theaters. They’re old, but still relevant.
  • LAPL has book clubs with free crafts on different days,
  • LACMA’s Friday night Jazz,
  • the Howard Hughes Promenade jazz on Saturday nights,
  • Baldwin Hills Crenshaw plaza free concerts.

Just giving a little info on free activities, but the real story is about the movie I saw today- Journey 2 the Mysterious Island- at the Rave theater. Hence the title of my post. Well, in order to watch part 2, I had to rent part 1 from Netflix.  In part 1, there’s a scene I won’t soon forget. It was when Brendan Fraser and his co-star in the movie are battling man-eating Venus flytraps. Well, Brendan turns his back for a second and his co-star is snatched up by the Venus flytrap. He does his best to free her. While trying to free her, of course, he has to contend with other man-eating flytraps. He finally gets loose and tries to free his co-star who is being choked by the flytrap. He punches it and fights it, to no avail. That’s when he realizes that he needs to get to the heart of the matter by killing it at its very essence- its roots.

That’s what I’m dealing with right now. Laziness, as well as deep-rooted issues, are tearing at the very heart of me. I’m trying to get to the root of these issues. I’ve found a way. One things I know for sure is when you earnestly seek something, you don’t have to chase it, it will chase you.

What I mean by that is that what you’re seeking will find you; all the tools you need. One of the many tools I’m using is a fantastic book I found, “Lemons, Lemonades, and Life (How to Put the Sweetness Back into Your Life When It Turns Sour) by Janet D. Thomas.

I met Janet at a book fair recently and my eye was caught by her sign regarding emotional eating. I chatted with her for a bit about the book, her own battle with emotional eating and her subsequent victory over it. I bought the book, highlighted, mulled it over, completed the exercises, rinsed and repeated.

In the book, Janet discusses emotional eating and getting to its roots. Getting to the root of emotional eating helps with releasing long held, pent-up anger. Let me tell you, Dear Readers, it has been such a cathartic experience. Holding anger in and letting it fester leads to so many issues (i.e., problems with your temper, unhappiness, & weight gain). Incidentally I’ve been battling my weight; gaining and losing weight for years. One thing Janet told me, that I’ve found to be true, is that with the release of the anger, the weight will fall off. I completed some of the exercises, released some long held issues and as a result I’ve lost about 5 pounds without dieting. I did change my eating habits though.

There’s more to write/say, but I’m tired. So, I will continue my story at another time.


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