On Your Mark…Get Set…STAND STILL!

***Dear Readers,

This is a long read, but well worth it. It comes directly from one of my favorite inspirational websites, The Diva Zone. I felt as if the writer was talking directly to you. Hopefully you will get something from this as well. ***

Good Morning God’s Beautiful People!

I love the way God speaks to me through His beautiful nature. I personally don’t seem to hear His voice (speaking to my heart) in the loud booms, but in the quiet moments and when I’m least expecting it.

Yesterday morning I had one of those moments I will never forget. I was at my home in Virginia and my mother and I were sharing a coffee break. I was staring out of the deck door just watching the ducks quietly swim in the creek, listening to the birds sing praises unto God and just feeling truly grateful to God for His love and provision.

As I was preparing to get up from coffee time and depart back to the hustle and bustle of the great tri-state area, I was stopped in my tracks by a bonus gift from God! A beautiful deer (a doe) came darting through the woods to get a sip from the creek. She was running so fast at first then stopped suddenly in her tracks as if she had seen a barrier. We love watching deer, so, my Mom and I gathered by the window to get a better view. The doe stood in the same spot for 10 minutes, only moving her head to observe her surroundings from time to time. I was expecting her to make a dash into the woods after a few seconds, but the strangest thing happened. She stood in one spot as if she was being given instructions; then she turned in the opposite direction and pranced through the woods…this time in no rush at all. As I mentioned before, she came darting through the woods at first…what made her stop in her tracks like that? While observing her I noticed something about her feet…with just one move she had the ability to go from lower ground to the incline of the hill in the woods. She was out of our sight in no time and without running.

Well, I shared all of that to tell you this…if you are in the middle of a storm…if your back is against the wall…if you feel like you are running for your life…if you feel like you are out of options…if the issues of this life have you wanting to go somewhere to run and hide…you should begin to praise God!

God began to minister to me about that deer as I traveled yesterday.   We are going so fast sometimes and trying so desperately to figure it all out…running to and fro while operating in panic mode that we all could stand to go take a sip from the living waters of God. Psalm 42:1 reads, As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God. Oh, how I can relate! We need to retreat from this world and seek God for a refreshing! The deer also reminded me of how critical being still in the presence of the Lord is to our peace and our direction in life. Not only did she stand still; but when she left, she went in the opposite direction and instead of running; she pranced and with one leap was up higher than before. It took her less effort to get there after her retreat. Thank you Jesus!

Please do not underestimate the still, quiet moments with God! You will be strengthened for this journey called life and you will surely find yourself in position for the Lord to fight your battles.   There will also be work required of us in the process, but surely God has the battle strategy. He’s waiting for you to come and take sip today!

On Your Mark…Get Set…STAND STILL!

Meditation: From this day forward, I will make it my business to spend some quality time with God. I will stop racing through life as if I am supposed to have all of the answers and all of the resources. I will retreat and sip from the living waters of God and feast on His Word for my strength. If I find that I am going in the wrong direction, I will submit to the will of God and go the other way. I will expect His wisdom, strength and power to place my feet on higher ground. Thank you Lord for never leaving me! In Jesus’ Name! AMEN!


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