Snap Back to Reality, Part Who Knows…

Well, Dear Readers,

I am back at work. Since I have a co-teacher (I’ll explain in a later post), I was able to set up my classroom in one day. I forgot the lettering at home, so I just need to put up the lettering and the posters at the top of the room. I packed so much into today and this summer. Usually I’m a big, fat slacker in the summer. But, I was determined to make the most of this summer & I did. I spent so much time with my children, I finished 1/2 of my final classes. I decided on a topic for my Literature review (Inclusion) and I read many of the books for my summer reading list. I had such a good summer. I’m sad to see it end so early, but it was good while it lasted. Now, I will see you later. I’m off to LACMA’s Friday night jazz.

Bye for now!


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