My New Job!

I have been mad busy. Mostly, Ive been bullshitting and haven’t been budgeting my time right. Also, I have a co-teacher. Well, she’s not a co-teacher as much as a substitute. In order to complete my degree (M.A. in Special Education & Education Specialist Credential), my last Principal was able to secure a position (for 1 semester) as an Inclusion Specialist. Once the semester is over, I will go back to my classroom and finish out the school year, with the position becoming permanent next Fall. So, for the past two weeks I’ve been training my co-teacher. Can I just say that it is so scary leaving another teacher in charge of your students? It was almost as scary as leaving my own children at school. I had to learn to let go really quickly and appreciate her strengths. I can only hope that she comes through. I’m behind in lesson planning, so I will say good-bye and post the rest of the story at another time.

So, bye for now!


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