Presented with Some Interesting Problems…

Dear Readers,

I will officially begin pulling students out on Monday. My first student (period) and of the day is Sito. He was referred by his teacher because he has a problem retaining information. It’s not just him though. Four other students are having similar problems, as well. From my research and personal experience, I can only think of a couple of things it could be. One possible problem is ADD- the student can’t focus long enough to assimilate the information into their store of knowledge and make connections to it.

Or it could be, according to a hand-out I received, dyslexia. With my mind set on conquering this problem, my interest was piqued. So I conducted further research and discovered that the two (ADD & dyslexia, just in case you weren’t paying attention) usually work hand in hand. Surprised? If you weren’t, I was. I know that further research is warranted because knowing the problem is only the first step. I am on the lookout for methods & strategies to help these students who’ve been struggling with this for years. I will post on my findings & ways to combat it. Stay tuned!

Bye for now!


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