18 Positive Dyslexia Symptoms

To affirm that there are several positive symptoms to those with dyslexia, here is a list of 18 of the positive symptoms of dyslexia:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Strong imagination
  3. Easily grasp new concepts
  4. Surprising maturity
  5. Enjoy solving puzzles
  6. Talent at building models
  7. Excellent comprehension of stories read or told to them
  8. Strong reasoning skills
  9. Understand abstract ideas
  10. Learning easier through meaning rather than memorization
  11. Ability to see the “big picture”
  12. The ability to read and understand highly-practiced words in a area of interest or expertise
  13. Excellence in areas not dependent on reading, such as: math, computers, and visual arts, philosophy, biology, social studies, and creative writing
  14. Noticeable excellence when focused on a highly specialized area
  15. Easily express ideas and feelings
  16. Exceptional empathy and warmth, and feeling for others
  17. Easily adapt to new situations
  18. Inclination to think out of the box

Taken directly from:  http://ht.ly/dxB39


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