I Haven’t Encountered This Before!!!

Dear Readers,

Today as I was testing a 3rd grader on the CORE Phonics survey, I encountered something I’d never encountered before- a student who didn’t know all of the alphabet names & sounds, but who decoded fairly well. There were only about 8 alphabets that he didn’t know. Surprisingly, he was very good at decoding nonsense words.

I was kinda’ puzzled about his results. I almost stopped at the Letter Naming, Letter Sounds, & Nonsense Words and wasn’t going to test him on reading fluency or the word list since I didn’t think he would pass, but did it anyway. Boy am I glad I did! He really amazed me! He read 77 w.p.m. @ 2nd grade level & 82 w.p.m @ 3rd grade level. I was quite shocked because I didn’t expect him to be able to read, let alone at such an accurate rate.

I’m really puzzled. I’ve never encountered anything like this before. If the student didn’t know all of the alphabets, they weren’t too good at decoding. If I had tested him on reading fluency alone, I wouldn’t have understood what the problem was. Good thing I’m thorough with the testing. It easy to see how some students fall between the cracks. It’s not hard at all. That’s why my motto is, “Catch them before they fall!”

I will keep you updated on his progress. Bye for now!


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