In My New Position…

I’m conflicted, Dear Readers. It’s because in my new position, I feel free, but am scared of all the freedom. I am happy that my new principal trusts my professional judgment. It’s just that I’ve never had too much guidance. I know that’s a good thing. So, let me stop complaining. It’s so funny (not ha!ha! funny) how I will work out my problem or answer my own question as I am writing a post. Just as I was typing this, I realized that it’s such a good thing that I have not been stifled with someone who would micro-manage me. I’m also thankful for the chance to fully develop the ME I’ve become professionally.

In my new position, I have the freedom to be ME. I’m going to take total advantage of that. I’ll write more at a later date about this. Bye for now!


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