Elkonin Boxes (Continued)

This post is for Marty. I will indeed write a post explaining the Elkonin boxes later. I cannot right now because I attended a Homegoing celebration (funeral)today. It’s an old friend of my husband’s since Middle School. My husband hasn’t cried or anything yet, but I know he has to be feeling his own mortality. So, I will probably post on this tomorrow. Bye for now!

Making Much Progress

Dear Readers,
I really feel as if I’m making a big difference in my student’s lives. One student, in particular, has been struggling since he was younger. He’s in 8th grade now and will graduate in June so he will soon be out of my reach. So, I have to reach him while I can. Thankfully my school has given me the opportunity to do just that.
His problem wasn’t major, just enough to cause him to be frustrated. After speaking with him, his teachers, and after performing some small assessments, I determined that his main problem was multi-syllabic words and knowing how to properly break them down syllable by syllable. More specifically some words patterns that he either never learned or some how just never internalized because they were causing him stress.
What I did to help him: I took out my tried and true Elkonin boxes and showed him how to use them. One thing about older students is how easily they embarrass. Even though I showed him how to use it I knew that he wouldn’t because the copy of the Elkonin boxes that I use are a little babyish. So, since I knew that the best tool, no matter how good, will never work if it’s not used, I showed him how to “tap it” on either his leg or under the table where no one could see him.
During the session he began “tapping it”. I was so proud!

So Conflicted!

Dear Readers,
I had a good laugh today, even though I probably shouldn’t have. During yard duty I saw that one of the first graders was having a bit of a hard time. You could see it in her face. So I asked her what was wrong.
She replied, “Well, Angelina & her friends are being mean to me & my dad told me if they are mean to me or if they hit me, then I should hit them. But I don’t want to hit them. But my dad told me to hit them.
“What should I do?” she asked herself.
It was like an epic battle of good and evil! I could see the seriousness of the situation, but it was incredibly funny. You had to see the look on her face. Let me assuage your fears lest you think I ‘m a monster. I did talk to her and calm her down, but it was still funny!

I Won!!!

Dear Readers,
I am so excited. I wrote a book grant back in August for my school and was recently notified that my school won to the tune of 489 books. This is such great news. Especially since the school librarian won a book grant earlier in the year for which we are having an assembly in November.
It was my wish to give the books to the parents during the ceremony. Now that wish has become a reality. I’ll speak with my Principal and see if I can pick them up sometime this week.
I am really excited about this. I’ll keep you updated. Bye for now!

Elkonin Boxes

Dear Readers,
I use Elkonin boxes to help my students hear discrete sounds. With my 1st & 3rd grade students I am working on short vowels. The Elkonin boxes are especially helpful when working with 2, 3, & 4 letter words. They can also be used to teach syllabication.
Also, check out my post regarding discreet vs. discrete sounds.
It’s a great resource. Check it out!

Here’s a handout that explains it: www.austinschools.org/curriculum/RtI/resources/document/reading/phon_awareness/Say_It_and_Move_It.pdf