Making Progress!

Dear Readers,

My past experience working with grades pre-k to 22 years is really coming in handy. I say this because, in my program, I have a grand total of 21 students who range in age from K-8th grade.

One group that I’m particularly proud of is my 3rd graders. They are both ELLs. But one, who I’ll call Orchid, has a particularly hard time with vocabulary. Her family speaks Punjabi at home with very limited English. When I tested her I noticed that she did not know any of her short vowel sounds and only one long vowel sound.

When I first began I was, quite frankly, overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it all. Being charged with the educational well- being of so many students can be quite scary. Being a teacher always is.

But they are surprisingly making good progress. We’ve been working on short vowel sounds, so they now know their short vowel sounds and are on to the long vowel sounds. I will also work on vocabulary development with Orchid. I will keep you updated on their progress. Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “Making Progress!

  1. Are you familiar with any of the Orton-Gillingham programs that focus on phonics and fluency? I use the Wilson program with my special needs students and have found it to be successful.

  2. I am familiar with Orton Gillingham. I am trying to secure funding for training. I am not, however, familiar with Wilson. Would you be so kind as to email me information on this program or technique?

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