Almost there!

I know in someparts of the world it is already Christmas. Not here. Still about 3 hours to go. Sad to say that it doesn’t mean as much to me as it used to. Just trying to do a little something for my children. If left up to me, I would not do a lot on that day. I’d probably host it just to have a family get together. Other than that, all the fanfare and people spending money they don’t have, is not for me. People are nicer, so it’s still my favorite time of year. I get to spend time with family, so it’s a good day!

Almost at 100!

I can’t believe what a difference a day makes. Only yesterday I was feeling pretty lousy. Today, I feel so much better. I’m almost back to my old self. I have a lunch date with my sister, my niece, & her daughter on Wednesday, so I need to be at 100 percent. Here’s hoping I do. Bye for now!

Those Bricks!!!

As I write this I am still a little headachey & cold. I’ve been sick for the past four days. I don’t know who hit me with this ton of bricks, but someone surely did. I felt fine up until Tuesday afternoon. Once I left my school’s luncheon, I was a little cold, but that was to be expected since the temperature was in the 50’s. The problem began when I got home, got into bed with four covers, and still found it hard to warm up. My husband & sons had to wait until I went to sleep to turn off the heater because I just kept turning it back on. Once I got up on Wednesday morning to take my little boy to school, I felt lousy. My scratchy throat from the night before was very sore now. Not only that, I now had a headache & muscle aches as well now. It seemed to come out of nowhere. By the time I got home, it felt like someone had definitely  hit me with a ton of bricks. I’ve been in bed with a ton of tissue, cough drops, & Alka Seltzer Cold medicine since then. All in all, not a bad start to my vacation. I got in a ton of rest. Since I am still sick, I will write more later. I still have some recuperating to do! Bye for now!

Very Weird!!!

Dear Readers,

I got a solicitation via e-mail for an online editing job. I thought it was legit, but I checked it out as best I could. The person purported to be from Mr. Willie Ding, Content Recruiter for I did find a Willie Ding on Linked In that seemed to check out, but apparently something was fishy becuase I never heard anything back once I sent my resume with personal info removed.

I was happy for the extra money I would have earned had the offer been real, but it wasn’t. I’m just trying to figure out why someone would offer a fake job. I don’t get it! There’s nothing I can do about it. I just wish it would have been real. I could really have used the money! Oh well, c’est la vie!

I Passed, Part II

As the title states, I passed the R.I.C.A. I am over the moon happy. I cut it very close. I just got the results last night. I just exhaled again. Now, all I need are my final grades. Once I see those, the rest of my vacation will be spent relaxing. Final grades come out tomorrow. I have much to write about, but will not write about it now because I am going to pick my little boy up from school in a little bit. I will keep you updated though. Bye for now!



Dear Readers,

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of test taking and super business! Within the past three weeks I took and passed the C.S.E.T., took and passed the R.I.C.A., completed & submitted my final project, wrapped up my pilot program at work, & finally submitted my portfolio for the whole program at the very, very, very last minute. WHEW!!!!! I honestly didn’t think I could do it. I came so close to giving up on my literature review, but since failure was NOT an option, I persevered. So, the word of the day is PERSEVERANCE. That word means so much to me.

It didn’t matter what grade I got in classes; the most important thing was that I finished. I FINISHED!!! In the past, I started so many projects that I never finished. They were just left sitting on a backburner that never got lit! That, however, will be my post for tomorrow. Bye for now!