The Power of Introversion by Susan Cain (TED talk)

Dear Readers,

Have you ever heard of TED? If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. It was created by . A topic is presented by an expert in a certain field. They have 18 minutes to present their topic. This particular topic was given by Susan Cain. She recently wrote a book called The Power of Introversion. I loved this TED talk because it seemed to be singing my life story. I am an introvert. When I announced that I was an introvert, one of my classmates said that I wasn’t. I can see what she was thinking. I would not have believed it either.

She thought I wasn’t an introvert because she was also. However, she is not a talker nor is she good at public speaking. She thought I was an extrovert because I am a talker, I speak to everyone, and I’m not shy about public speaking. I can be around people and talk and schmooze, but only for a limited amount of time.

If she knew anything about introverts, she would know that that is not what an introvert is all about-that not all introverts are like her. I always say that I live in my own head, that being around too many people drains me and I need to recuperate. That’s what an introvert is about. I do best when I can think through things or when I am reading or writing.

If you thought like my former classmate, then you should watch this TED talk with Susan Cain.