What Happened?

Dear Readers,

I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard of the horrific shooting in Connecticut. I am still in shock. It’s all so senseless.

I heard the news as I was going to my school’s Christmas party at the Rectory. The Pre-K teacher told me the horrific news. I couldn’t breathe and nearly passed out.

“Are you serious,” I asked. She told me that she found out by looking at the computer as her students were using it during Choice Time. She said she instantly thought about her family in Connecticut, so she called them to ask what happened.

As I went to the Christmas party I couldn’t concentrate or think straight. Honestly, the likelihood of the shooting happening in Los Angeles, where I live, is much more likely than it happening where it happened in Connecticut. Truth be told, no matter how likely it is, it shouldn’t happen anywhere. I feel for the parents of the children. This is an unspeakable horror that no one should have to endure.

This story hits especially close to home since I am a mother of four and I work in a school which is not in the least secure. In back of my school is Social Services that’s host to many unsavory characters. There’s a small gate, but that does not offer a whole bunch of protection. They could simply jump over it. Sometimes the doors to the school are locked; but most times they are not. I will stop talking about this because it’ll make me want to play hooky from work. I know that many people may not agree, but I also feel for the young man & the family of the young man who committed the murders. They have to live with that legacy of murder, mental illness, and guilt. They have to wonder why they couldn’t have predicted this. Let’s not forget that they lost two family member as well. I know that it was by his own hands after he committed an unspeakable crime, but he was still someone’s son, brother, cousin, etc.

It just makes you wonder WHAT was going through his mind!

I cannot say what was going through his mind, but I can’t help but to wonder what was going through it. What made him want to harm innocent little children? What made him take his own life? Was he then so overcome with grief that he did so after realizing the heinousness of his crime? What happened that made him think this was the solution? I guess no one will ever know!