Masterful Me!

Dear Readers,

I am sooooooo happy. My degree posted a couple of weeks ago. I feel quite accomplished.  For a hot second I thought I was not going to be able to complete the requirements to get it, but I did. I sure pulled a rabbit out of a hat for this one.

In the last couple weeks before Christmas break, I took and passed the R.I.C.A. & C.S.E.T., completed my final project & my final class, completed my literature review for my Master’s degree, completed my portfolio &  wrapped up my pilot Inclusion program. Whew!

I didn’t realize how much I had until the last week when someone pointed it out. It’s so weird that I don’t usually know that I am overwhelmed unless someone points it out! I ended up stressing myself out so much that I got sick & stayed sick for the whole vacation. Thank God that’s over. I’ve finally completed a really big goal. Now, what’s my next goal???