Making a Better Classroom Store!

This post is in regard to striving to be better. I recently read an article about classroom jobs. More specifically, making the children apply for the jobs. I went on over to Beth Newingham’s blog + a couple of others in the blogosphere and am definitely making the process of buying from my classroom store better.

Some of the best advice on setting up a classroom store came from Beth Newingham’s Scholastic blog. I have to say that I never thought of my classroom store and monetary system as a classroom economy. I guess I never put a name to it. Additionally, I never thought to write a lesson plan for this. I simply implemented it through trial and error. However, I will now write a Unit Plan for it.

Next year I am going to “steal” Beth’s idea of having a grand opening. She made a good point when she said to make the “bank” look the way students are used to seeing them.

When I initially set up this system, I didn’t see how this system could work for older, more knowledgeable students. But, as I sat down and thought about it, this system could be made to fit a middle school or even high school classroom. If you have a middle school or high school classroom and would like to brainstorm on how this system could work for you, email me @

The most helpful piece of advice was when it came to stocking the classroom store. Here’s a breakdown:


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