Happy September!!!

Oh, yeah!!! School has started. That means 3 out of 4 of my children are in school. My oldest son is wandering. I’m going to go talk to him about his plans. I understand trying to find yourself, but you have to “find” yourself on your own dime. Sorry if anyone thinks that’s harsh, but he will be 24 years old in October. So, either he needs to go to the service, get a job, or go to school.

That’s that & I’ll deal with it accordingly. I am writing because I am so happy the summer is over. It was one of the toughest summers of my life. I hope to never have a hard summer like this past one. However, I digress. I made it and that’s what’s important.

So, I’ll be writing more now that I am not so preoccupied. Here’s to more posts!

Bye for now!!!


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