A New Job!

Dear Readers,

I started my new job today. I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure that I was going to start. I had to leave my other job because the pay was absolutely terrible. That’s one of the disadvantages of working for a Catholic school. While they won’t pay a living wage and will work you like a Hebrew slave, they will pay your tuition. So, there you have it, besides doing it to honor God through your faith, that’s one good reason to work for a Catholic school.

Anyway, my new job is at a NPS, working with ED students. You know, life is funny. This job is the first job I interviewed for back in May. They wanted to bring me on board back then but they weren’t sure if they would have enough students to open another class. Once they had enough students, they gave me a call. It’s taken all this time to get it together, but it’s finally together.

So, you’ll definitely be hearing from me about my experience. Bye for now!


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