The Best Complaint Ever!!!

Dear Readers,

This week, one of my students decided that he wanted to get me fired! So, this is what he did, he went to my boss, the head of the school, and told him that I was (gasp!) trying to teach him. Oh, the horror! What was I thinking? Who do I think I am?

My director, stifling a laugh, told him that I wasn’t trying to harm him and that teaching him would only benefit him. I don’t think he believe him since he went back two days later and told him that I was (gasp again!) reading to them.

Let me explain. He complained about the books I was reading to them and I explained to him that sme people need to be read to because they never got that from their parents/guardians, that it’s soothing, it sparks an interest in reading, and it helps with learning the theme, summarization, inferencing,  learning how to sit still, and engaging in meaningful & constructive conversation. He nodded his head and said okay. He then proceeded to go to the Director and complain about the stories. He said that they were too babyish. That’s when the director visited the classroom to see if the complaint was valid. Once I explained to my director why I was reading the book, he told my student that he needed to know that and that he would be okay.

Once my student realized that he’d been bested, he came back to class and acted a fool did not act his age (13 by the way). My assistant spoke with him and politely removed him from the classroom. Once he was removed, we were able to get some things done. I’m going to bed. I’ll report more later.

Bye for now!


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