Doing Work…

Dear Readers,

Last Tuesday I had an absolutely terrible day. I really felt like quitting. I felt like Moses as I questioned God if I was where I’m supposed to be.

“Are you sure I’m supposed to be at this school, Lord?,” I asked as I questioned God. “There are many teachers who are more qualified than I to do this job and reach these kids. Besides, they are resistant to learning, they insult each other any chance they get, they fight, etc., etc.”

I could go on and on but I’ll stop there. Things would have been a lot easier if I would have stopped there because I made my day so much harder by feeling sorry for myself and lamenting my rotten luck on getting this particular set of students when they’re really not all that bad. However, if I would have stopped to count my blessings, I would have realized that they are rebelling precisely because what I am doing is working. I mean, what more proof do I need- the same kid who complained on me less than 2 weeks ago for reading to them asked me to read a book today.

So, over the break, I came home, got over the little pity party I was holding and decided to go back with a fresh and renewed attitude. The only problem was that I got the Sunday night blues and didn’t want to go in to work this morning. Since I knew that not going wasn’t an option, I squared my shoulders and went in anyway. Once there, I made my copies, sat down, said a little prayer and waited for the kiddos to come. Ya’ know what? Once they came, it wasn’t that bad. Since my assistant was absent, I made sure someone was in the room with me, then got them started with their MUST DO Packets which they happily worked on.

So, Dear Readers, instead of throwing any more parties (pity, that is!), I will instead count my blessings. Won’t you do the same?


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