A Long (But Good) Week!

Dear Readers,

This week seemed to be an especially long week. I had a couple of moments when I wished that Calgon would take me away. However, I also had some incredibly fantastic moments. The tough moments were frustrating, but I made it through. So, I will just concentrate on the incredibly fantastic moments.

Here are the incredibly fantastic moments:

  • One student who’s known for stealing gave my scissors back to me,
  • A student that’s been absent for almost 2 weeks returned to school,
  • A student gave me a hug,
  • Only 3/12 students were sent out of the class all week, as opposed to 6 students on one day during my first week,
  • All of my students love my classroom economy system and have bought into it ,
  • Three students apologized for their behaviour,
  • All of my students “got” division,
  • Last, but definitely not least) My toughest student came to school in a foul mood, accepted a hug when I offered it to him, and didn’t disrupt the class as much as he used to.
  • He then sat down and completed all of his work. He wasn’t sent out of the class once. In fact, he was the only one that was well behaved enough to buy from the classroom store.

That’s all I can think of for now, but that’s plenty. All in all, I guess the good trumped the bad. I’ll keep you updated! Bye for now!


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