Downtime and Lesson Plans

Dear Readers,

I’ve had sufficient time to rest. Now, that I’m pretty much through taking 4 naps/day, I’ve moved on to working on lesson plans for the next 2 months hopefully.

At my new job, I only teach Social Studies & Reading. In fact, I’ve only been teaching Social Studies & Math because my students weren’t transitioning. However, when school resumes in January, I will be working with 6th, 7th, & 8th for Reading in the morning; and my own class of 7th graders in the afternoon for Social Studies.

The book I’m using is Creating America. Even though I’ll be using a 7th grade Social Studies, the book is pretty similar to the 4th & 5th grade Social Studies books I used at my last job, so I didn’t have a problem using a similar format for the MUST DO Packets. The chapter is split into 4-5 sections and each section takes a week. I’m just about finished with Chapter 2. I just need to make the tests and I’ll be finished with a month’s worth of MUST DO Packets. I plan on making MUST DO Packets for another two chapters, which would be about 3 months worth of work.

After that, I will move on to Reading. I’ll write when I finish because then I will be sighing a big sigh of relief. I will, theoretically, have much free time at home since lesson planning will be out of the way.


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