The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly!

Dear Readers,

I’ve been reading my last couple of posts and it feels as if I haven’t been completely honest with you. I’ve only written about the good part of working with children in an NPS (Seeing results). Well, if any of you know anything about working in an NPS, it is that it is not pretty. I hadn’t written about it because I didn’t want to throw a pity party of one for myself. So, what I’m going to do is get out what I think and try not to revisit it. I can’t make any promises though.

Here’s what’s good:

  • The food in the cafeteria is fantastic.
  • I see my hard work paying off with a couple of students.
  • Students leaving and returning to public school.
  • Keeping hope alive.
  • NPS almost always get out earlier than public school.
  • They have many enrichment activities.
  • Some kids do appreciate me.
  • Some kids do have my back.
  • I have and will do my best for those who want the help.
  • I make way more money here than I did at my other job.
  • It’s closer to my house.
  • I can sometimes pick up my son & daughter.
  • I don’t bring work home because of my prep periods.
  • I love the staff.

Here is the bad & the ugly:

  • People say they’re going to the bathroom. Maybe the people are sick here because when they go, it’s usually for about an hour.
  • The children have emotional & social issues. They’re miserable & sometimes misery loves company. They will find whatever trigger you have and pull it as often as they can.
  • The students I teach are very, very, very immature.
  • Even if some of the students didn’t have disabilities, they would still be jerks.
  • I only have one assistant who uses the bathroom a lot!
  • Because of the bathroom issues, I am left alone with the students at least 2 days/week.
  • Many of them have been abused and that’s all they know. Since they feel worthless, they sometimes don’t appreciate being treated nicely.
  • They take kindness for weakness.
  • They curse. A LOT!!!
  • They’re disrespectful.
  • They lie. A LOT!!!
  • They steal. A LOT!!!
  • They don’t like doing classwork.
  • They don’t like doing homework.
  • I don’t have the proper support.
  • I don’t like going to work.
  • I go to work prepared to defend myself, on a daily basis.
  • I am always on high alert. I almost never relax at work.
  • I HATE my job sometimes.
  • I very nearly walked out of the classroom to the parking lot on Friday.
  • Some parents are in denial as to the magnitude of their child’s disability. As a result, they sometimes take it out on the school/teacher/assistant/bus driver and complain about everything.
  • I’ve decided not to put anymore energy into some students.
  • I don’t like a fair amount of the students.
  • I’m not personally invested, like I usually am.
  • I’m not returning because of the lack of support.

There’s more, but I will write about it at another time. Bye for now!


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