No, You Can’t Come In!

One of my students, who I’ll call CB Jones, is verbally abusive to me. Not only that, he threatened to stab one of the male staff members. If he threatened that particular staff member, I know he wouldn’t have a problem threatening me or even following through. So, since I am alone much of the time, I stopped him at the door and told him that he could not come in unless another staff member was present. He feigned ignorance.

“Why can’t I come in?,” he asked.

I told him that the question had been asked and answered and that I was done speaking with him. He then kicked the door and spit on the window. I’m not talking about a little bit of spit; I mean he “hocked a loogie!” It was really disgusting. I called in-house security, they carted him away and released him during the next period.

“Great,” I thought, “there was basically no consequence.”

It was at this point that I begin to wonder how I got myself into this position of being in this sucky job where I am in fear of my life on a daily basis. I began to feel sorry for myself. Right then and there I vowed to never be in a position where I feel powerless like this again. Usually I have a Plan B, Plan C, etc. However, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. One of my first steps is to get some pepper spray so I can defend myself.

I’ll keep you informed. Bye for now!


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