School Shopping???

Yes, Dear Readers,
I went school shopping! Not for my children, but for myself.  I like well made dresses, so I shop at Talbots & Banana Republic, but don’t want to pay full price. Believe me when I say, when they have sales, they have sales!

I didn’t have to have new clothes, I just wanted them. I’d bought various dresses throughout the school year, but hadn’t done any bulk shopping for myself at the beginning of the school year year since my first year of teaching.

I will post various pics throughout the year. For now, here’s a list of what I bought:
Banana Republic Preppy Navy Ponte Knit Dress (original price= $120). However, I got it during their 40% off sale a couple of weeks ago. So I paid $78 with s+h. (Note: BR offers an additional 15% off with Teacher’s i.d. This is in addition to any sale going on. In-store only. If this dress would have been available in-store, it would have only been a little over $70).
Green Talbots Ponte Knit Dress= $27.
Cranberry Talbots Ponte Knit Dress= $31
3 Talbot’s Charming Cardigans (sale ends today). The original price was $89. However, I paid $24.99 each. I got Lime Ice, Indigo Blue, & Azalea (hot pink).
Gray Trina Turk blazer= $19 (Can you believe this price???)

Multi-plaid Trina Turk blazer= $25. (I liked this one better online. Think I’m going to sale it or give it away.)
Calvin Klein ankle boots (original price $89.99). I paid $24.99 + $9 (s+h)

Linen (looks like denim though) dress from Talbots (original price= $129). I paid $22

Merona Espadrilles (original price= $39.99). I got them for 1/2 price= $20

Black BR no-iron button down shirt= $17.50

BR Gemma Berry Jam wrap dress (original price= $98). BR is now having a sale for $50 off any purchase over $100. Since the dress was $98, I purchased some socks for $5. This brought my total to $103-$50= $53 +$4.77 tax= $57.77

1 Steve Madden stretchy silver belt (original price= $39). I paid $11. (I haven’t worn a belt in years!!!!)

1 pair of Talbots Indigo Blue flats (original price= $119). I paid $35 with tax.

So, I went $12 over budget. I spent a grand total of $412 for 2 BR dresses, 3 Talbots dresses, 2 Trina Turk blazers, 3 Talbots cardigans, 1 BR button down shirt, 1 pair of Target espadrilles, 1 pair of Calvin Klein ankle boots, 1 pair of Talbots indigo blue flats, & 1 silver Steve Madden belt

I also bought a pink button down BR shirt and charcoal jumper dress. That was about $88. I’m going to return this outfit though. It put me over budget.

So, stay tuned for pics!


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