Hello August!

Wow, can’t believe August came so quickly! This summer passed by so quickly. I’m really not sad to see it end even though it was a good summer. I accomplished some goals this year that I’ve been trying to accomplish for quite some time. Since my summer is so unstructured, I am usually very unproductive (that’s putting it mildly). That’s why I decided to get a summer job. Once I decided to get a job, it fell into my lap. LMU emailed me that Lindamood-Bell was hiring. I went, interviewed, and was hired.

I finished working there on July 18th. Overall, I liked it but had a problem with favoritism; but I guess that’s many jobs though. The research based techniques will come in very handy.

By working @ Lindamood-Bell, I conquered my summer slide of being terribly unproductive. I was also able to work through the place where I plateaued regarding teaching students how to read. I didn’t get a chance to learn as much as I wanted to learn, but am happy with what I did learn.

I also secured an RSP position from amongst five other job offers. It’s close to my daughter’s school, which is about 12 minutes drive from my house. This is only the second time (of my 4 teaching positions) that I’ve been hired before the school year began. That was my wish and I got it. So, I’m a little sad to see the summer leave but am happy to move on to another position, where I will hopefully be for a long time.

So, Hello August! Nice to see ya’!


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