I Worried For Nothing!

Dear Readers,
I worried myself silly last night. I tried but simply could not think straight. My mind just wouldn’t work. I tried to relax; that didn’t work. I tried to watch t.v.; that didn’t work. Nothing worked, so I went to sleep and had a very fitful sleep. I tossed and turned all night worrying about what I was going to teach.
I got up this morning, still crazed! I fixed my lunch, took a bath, and left the house 15 minutes later than I’d intended.
Once I got to school, the copier room was ridiculously crowded. One teacher was making a ton of copies. I waited, made my copies and went to class. I was there for approximately 10 minutes when students showed up at my door. I let them in and began explaining the rules to them. In the middle of my explanation, the other teacher I share the room with, told me that there was a meeting for the 9th graders outside which I’d completely forgotten about. So, we went out, heard the speeches by the Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean of Instruction (DI), and the counselors.
Once they were finished, we were dismissed to our room. That’s when I realized that I had more than 25 students. I’ve never had more than 16, but I won’t let that worry me.
Advisory is from 8:00- 8:45, so that was over in a flash. Once they were gone, I set about preparing for my 2 hour block later on in the day that I was not prepared for.
I was kinda’ prepared. I mean I knew what I wanted to do but hadn’t printed out the bulk of the work. My next class after that was at 1:37, so within that time, I got ready!
I actually had more than enough work which I love. You know what that means- I’m going to get some rest tonight. So, there you have it, Dear Readers, I worried for nothing. My day was fine. I’m looking forward to tomorrow now that today is over. I know more of what to expect, so I’m better. I’ll keep you in the know. Bye for now!


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