The ” I Am” Poem, Part 2

Dear Readers,

I am so proud of this student’s poem that I’m not changing anything. So, here it is, warts an all:

I  am wonderful and graceful

I wonder the future of Los Angeles

I hear a sound of losing hope

I see the lost paradise

I want to go to the past

I am wonderful and graceful

I pretend of touching someone’s tear

I feel the sky of summer

I touch the sun

I worry about the violence and hate

I cry of pain inside and being a hated person

I am wonderful and graceful

I understand people don’t like me

I say people would care

I dream of a non-violent day

I try of being the nicest kid

I hope of no hating people

I am wonderful and graceful.

I almost cried when he read that. He is really trying to understand people, but can’t seem to pick up on body language and social cues. I spoke with him and told him that I would work with him. So, that’s the poem. I liked his brutal honesty. I’ll keep you updated.


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