Tomorrow’s Plan!

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow I am going to  Well, I actually haven’t figured it out yet. As soon as I finish writing this, I’m going to continue working on a unit plan. I have to start from the bottom then work my way up.

I think I will begin with adjectives. I will have them give me “tired” words and think of new ones. Before that, though, I will also introduce them to two of my favorite resources- Banish Boring Words & How to Spell It. I’ll explain what an adjective is, discuss it with them,  have them give me a list of adjectives, then write a couple of sentences with great adjectives. After that, I will have them analyze their I Am poems and pick out the adjective. They will then rewrite the I Am poem with different adjectives. (I’m actually figuring it out as I’m writing this, by the way!)

Instead of writing it down here, I will write it down on the unit plan template, so bye for now!


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