Advisory Activities

Dear Readers,

I was too tired to post the other day, but this is what I did with my advisory class the other day. First of all, I didn’t want to show them graphic footage, but I wanted them to get it. So, I came up with a plan to show them both sides of the story.

I started with journal questions about 9/11:

  • What do you know about 9/11?
  • What does 9/11 mean to you?
  • Do you know anyone affected by 9/11?
  • How do you think Muslim people were affected by it?
  • My college professor’s husband was arrested & detained unlawfully. He lost his job and his cars, they almost lost their home.
  • Did you think he deserve to be treated like that?

I gave them 5 minutes to answer the questions. Once they finished, I read my post to them, My Lament, from 9.11.2006 where I lamented how everything is business as usual. We then talked about 9/11. I told them that I wanted them to think about 9/11 from an innocent Muslim person’s perspective. I told them that not everyone is guilty, that we can’t stereotype anyone. They watched this video from a Muslim student’s perspective:

Finally, once they finished with that video I finished with the time lapse video of The Twin Towers being rebuilt:

My students and I had a very good discussion. They wanted to know more about it, but I wouldn’t show them videos since they were too traumatizing for me. I let them know that I will never forget that day. They sympathized and told me they hoped I felt better. They even saw me during the day and asked if I was ok. I really like my students.


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