Classroom Management for Dummies!

Dear Readers,

I’m dealing with behavior problems from very immature high schoolers. Being only one of two Special Education teachers in a school with no Special Education, I am the resident expert. Even though I am very good at discipline, I am not a certified behavior specialist. My site does have a Behavior Intervention Case Manager (BICM- pronounced bick-um) in the building next door. I said all of that to say that some of the teachers have been coming to me with behavior problems. Thankfully I’ve had some experience dealing with behavior problems. That is why I am able to help. I’ve printed out Behavior Contracts, Weekly Behavior Progress Reports, Daily Behavior Progress Reports, & Behavior Support Plans for those with IEPs and personalized it with the school mascot and logo.

One particularly set of ideas I really found helpful were the tips on breaking the attention seeking habit @:

I also found a great resource @  (Keith Hughes’ Classroom Management for Dummies)

I found many fantastic forms & ideas on Intervention Central & The Parent Coach Plan.


3 thoughts on “Classroom Management for Dummies!

  1. Are there any particular methods of classroom management that you find especially helpful for the students that you have who have emotional/behavioral disorders? If you don’t work with many students that have EBD, are there any strategies that you would suggest as being helpful overall? Are there any differences in delivery of the strategies with students who don’t have emotional/behavioral disabilities compared to students that do?

  2. I did not find any that worked consistently. It was so much work because I had to switch up. With gen. ed. students or students with mild/moderate disabilities, it’s better to have consistency. However, I found the only thing that worked was the time sheets. E-mail me @ if you’d like a copy. I need to get a copy to someone else this weekend anyway, so it’s no problem.

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