What I’ve Been Doing!

Dear Readers,

I’ve been extremely overly busy. It’s not something I like, but it’s necessary since I am in a building phase. I chose my current job so I can grow and that is exactly what I’m doing. I’ve grown so much since August. I now know how to open & close an IEP, since I am the IEP Case Manager. It’s funny (not ha!ha! funny) that I did not have to do many things in the IEP since I was only a participant, not a case manager. Now that I’m an IEP Case Manager, I have to open & close the IEP and do everything in between. I also have to teach my students and push-in to their other classes to help them, meet with the other campus next door, and get evaluated every couple of weeks. Did I mention that my site is going through District Validation (DVR) this year? I’m not sure if this sounds like a lot to you, but it is. Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely not complaining. I’m actually happy to have the job and to do all that the job entails. I just need to get used to it. Once that happens, I’ll be one happy camper. Right now, I’m just a little overwhelmed, which is the reason I have not been writing. This week, however, I’ve had some down time & have been able to catch up and relax a little. Hopefully I’ll have a little more time to myself and have some time to write. I’ll keep you updated. Bye for now!


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