Terrible Me!!!

Dear Readers,

I feel so bad. Yesterday I cut this student to shreds. I really didn’t mean to. It’s just that she’s so frustrating. She will sit in class and do absolutely nothing. I’ve been dealing with this since the second week of school. Well, today-for my Do Now- the students completed their monthly self-assessment and a quiz I created on Edmodo once they were done. After that, they were to do classwork from other classes, while I performed the weekly grade checks. So, I call on her and ask her what she’s doing and she says, “Nothing, because… (insert lame reason here). Keep in mind that we are about 15 minutes into the class. At this point I asked her what she’s been doing. She gives me a blank stare. I look at her iPad and it’s in the same state as the day before where it’s stuck on iTunes, for some reason.

“Wild Girl, what have you been doing for the entire 15 minutes we’ve been in class?”

Again I get a blank stare. I was going to ask her further questions, but was frustrated at this point, so I told her bye. Next thing I know, I hear the door close. “Where’s Wild Girl,” I ask.

“She just went outside,” my students said.

I was just about to ask my assistant to go and get her when my class was interrupted by the administration for random backpack checks. Once I get out there I see her and talk to her. She starts crying because she says that she thought I put her out when I said bye. I told her that I could understand her thinking that I put her out of the classroom since my words to my students when I put them out is, “Bye Felicia!”

However, this is not the first time this (her doing absolutely nothing) has happened. The other day I found her working on a powerpoint that was due almost 2 weeks ago. She “worked” on it the whole class. I then told her that I did not want to see her pretending to work on that powerpoint again. In addition to doing no work, she’s also ditched 2nd Advisory when she just didn’t feel like being bothered on several occasions. Needless to say, I was not very patient with her. But, I digress.

I go to her and tell her that I am going to call her dad as soon as we are allowed back in the classroom. She was pleading her case to my assistant as I walked back into the classroom to get my phone to give to my assistant to call her dad. Since he speaks Spanish only I asked my assistant to speak with him. He didn’t answer and I got so busy I didn’t call him back. Believe me when I say that I will call him on Monday and use Google translate to communicate with him.

I say that I’m so terrible because I made her cry when I didn’t mean to. I also feel terrible because I had no sympathy for her while she was crying. I simply walked away to let her deal with the consequences. In the past, when someone cried, I would feel so bad. Don’t get me wrong. I would still let them suffer the consequences, but at least I felt bad for them. For Wild Girl, I didn’t feel anything. Does that make a terrible person? Please chime in and let me know your feelings on this. I really don’t want to get to the point where I don’t care about my student’s feelings. Give me some feedback. Please & Thank you!!!


2 thoughts on “Terrible Me!!!

  1. I can’t tell you whether you were right or wrong, but you are not a terrible person. Obviously you do care, or you wouldn’t have written a blog post about it :). The one thing I keep in mind when dealing with some students is something I learned at a workshop that has always stayed with me: ‘What if that were your child, how would you feel about this situation if your child’s teacher treated her like that? These student’s are someone else’s children, who love them and cherish them, just like we do ours. They want their children to be respected and taken care of while they are at school.’ I strive to remember this everytime I speak to a student: Someone loves this child. As for me, I would also want my child to do their work, and I recognize that my child is not perfect, so i would want the teacher to call my child on their BS. I also want to add, that often when children are not performing, there might be other things going on at home that you don’t know anything about. Also, some kids get so used to failure they just kind of give up. that was actually my own daughter, who STRUGGLED in high school and she just gave up and did the bare minimum. But she went to community college and found her niche and is now a junior, and has done really well considering her learning disability. You do good work, I really enjoy reading your blog!!

  2. Thank you so much for your response and your kind words. I hear you, and I do take that into consideration. I’d just had it that particular day. I feel very bad about it and am thinking about publicly apologizing to her. I do think she’s given up. I’ve been trying to motivate her and am frustrated that it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe it was my frustration with everything I’m trying to do for her failing. I don’t know. I’ll keep at it though. Again, thank you for responding.

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