No NPs!

Dear Readers,

After the last progress report when my students and I were surprised with grades of NPs (No Pass), I’ve been very diligent about checking their grades on a weekly and an as-needed basis. Last grading period, all of the NPs came as a big surprise because I’d performed a grade check on Thursday and only had two students with NPs. What happened was the teachers updating their grades at the last minute. That is the main reason why I perform grade checks so frequently. My student’s grades are much better this time, but I’m still a little worried because today I performed a grade check and some teachers have still not put in all their grades. I don’t know how grades are going to look on Wednesday when report cards are printed, but I’m hopeful they won’t change too much. Keep your fingers crossed with me, Dear Readers. I’ll keep you updated. Bye for now!


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