“Only Me,” he said.

Dear Readers,

I got a story to tell you. Wanna’ hear, here it goes. One of my students was in a mood today. You see, in the beginning of school I gave him many chances to answer questions when others didn’t know the answer. After awhile, I pulled back and didn’t let him answer as much because I wanted other students to have a chance to answer. Well, I guess he didn’t understand that because he bad mouthed me to another teacher who told me, so I talked to him and asked him why he was bad mouthing me. He told me that he didn’t feel that I was giving him enough individual attention. He told me that I should only give my attention to him.

“You should give your attention to only me,” he said.

“Now, that doesn’t make sense to me. How am I supposed to support the other students? How would it look if I gave my attention to only you?”

“I’d like it fine. That’s what you should do,” he said.

I had to tell him that he was important, but not the most important person in the world. I talked to him for a couple more minutes until he finally got it. He said it wasn’t fair but he understood. Let me just say for the record that I do give him a fair amount of my time. He stops by sometimes before school & during lunch. We’ve come to an understanding.

He’s very conscientious and an all-around good guy who deserves the best. I’ll continue to make him feel special.


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