Why Did I Wait So Long???

Dear Readers,

I have an observation on Tuesday for which the lesson plan is due Friday. It may seem like that’s enough time but it may not be. The lesson plan is so involved. I cannot get it together enough to complete the plan. I’m so upset that I can’t get it together because so much is riding on this. I’ll let you know everything works out. I’m so distraught!


5 thoughts on “Why Did I Wait So Long???

  1. I’m glad we have observations, and in our district, no test scores. Just the same, I hate them, especially all the hoops we have to go through. I thank the stars for my Union. I wish you luck, and am keeping my fingers crossed, and am going that it all goes well! !

  2. Good luck! Sometimes it’s hard to plan for all the specifics in advance. Is it ok to leave some things vague, saying the activity might change based on formative assessment between now and then? Or that there may be variation (differentiation!) between students based on teacher observation?

    Best of luck!

  3. Sorry I’m responding so late. It was a crazy busy week. I actually did better than I thought. I have to wait until December for all results to see how I performed. Thanks for the encouragement.

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