Drained Me!

Dear Readers,

I work with high school students now. This is a new experience for me since the bulk of my experience is in Elementary. I felt it necessary to explain my work situation because it’s directly related to why I am so drained. I’ve been so drained for the past three weeks that I’ve been coming right home and taking a 2-3 hour nap. I couldn’t figure it out until I thought about what I’ve been doing. I’ve been helping my students with their final projects. Again, this is a new experience for me. In Elementary I didn’t have finals; I didn’t have the stress from absorbing their stress.

Said no teacher ever...

Mystery solved! Now that I know what’s sapping my strength, I can scale back my stress level by interacting with the students only during my class and not during the other Resource teacher’s class.

Only 10 more days after tomorrow. I am so looking forward to summer vacation. When does yours begin?