Energized Me!

Dear Readers,

This post is in stark contrast to my last post. I feel great today. I got a great sleep last night after my son’s champagne party. Got up feeling refreshed and decided to take my daughter and my niece, Moriah, out to breakfast. I didn’t quite make it, but will try again tomorrow morning.


I did manage to make it out the house around 11:30. We went to the Dress Barn to exchange a skirt, then to The Loft to return a skirt that refused to cooperate with my hips & backside.

I also went to Trader Joes to get a bucket of the mini oatmeal raisin cookies. After that I got some cupcakes & ice cream to surprise my oldest sister for her birthday (it was last week). I spent the rest of the afternoon with four of my sisters, my daughter and two of my nieces. All in all, it was a good day. I guess I just needed a little time with my family to recharge. Thank goodness that I’m not drained like I was the past couple of weeks.

Bye for now!


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