2 thoughts on “25 Essential Qualities of a Good Teacher

  1. I normally don’t like those kinds of lists, and this one was no exception. The word good teacher, these days, has so many different connotations and interpretations that I just don’t like it in the same breath as the word teacher anymore. And this is because when there is discussion of a good teacher, there is also discussion of a bad teacher. I’m just tired of all the teacher bashing. Every teacher I know is dedicated to their career, and we all have varying degrees of skill. Some teachers just need more support than others. The list was comprehensive and make us sound like gods, and who can possibly attain all of the characteristics on this list? So if we don’t, does that mean we are bad teachers? The one that irritated me the most was the one about being generous. So if we don’t purchase items for our students or volunteer for extra assignments then we are not good teachers? It’s the districts responsibility, if in a public school, and board if a charter (or whatever the entity is that is responsible for supplies) to provide supplies and materials that are needed. And in this late stage of my career, with the current mood regarding teachers, I am very reluctant to give anything extra of myself, and that includes my hard earned money. Thanks for letting me rant on your post :).

  2. No problem. I don’t really like lists either, but I liked this one because I found myself in some of them. I patted myself on the back because I’m happy that I still have some of these characteristics with the way that I feel about teaching as well. Can I ask, when did you feelings towards teaching change?

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