Loving GOOGLE Classroom!

Dear Readers,

Initially I didn’t like GOOGLE Classroom just because I didn’t see the merit of it. I figured that it was so much like Edmodo that I might as well stick to Edmodo and not learn anything new.


Well, count me converted. I am a new convert. I simply love the GOOGLE apps. Call me a GOOGLEHEAD (if that’s what we’re called)! I’m okay with that. I’ll tell you why. I create monthly exit slips in GOOGLE SHEETS. The problem was that students could see other students private answers. I was looking for a way to make it private. Well, one of the other teachers showed me how to upload docs into GOOGLE Classroom with the option of having students automatically make a copy when they log into their GOOGLE account.

Can I just say that I love this concept of having everything in one place! The only thing that would make GOOGLE perfect would be for GOOGLE’s education website to be as user-friendly as WEEBLY. If that happens, I will not have a reason to use anything else.

I keep you updated and let you know how it goes!


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