Captain Obvious Here!

Dear Readers,

I’m going to be Captain Obvious here and say that being a Special Education Teacher is soooooooo much work. Sometimes it feels hard; really hard. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed because I have this huge responsibility and I’m not sure that I’m doing a good job.

Of course it always feels like there’s more I can be doing. It feels like, this year especially, I have so much to do; at times it feels like it’s too much to do.

However, I’ll just do as I always do and do it. I’ll keep you updated. Captain Obvious signing out!


2 thoughts on “Captain Obvious Here!

  1. I know what you mean. This is my first year as the RSP at my school. Its a bit overwhelming at times and Im not sure Im doing things how Im supposed to. I dont have a SPED background prior to this and I wish I had more support. I am the only SPED teacher since its a small charter school.

  2. Giselle, I understand how you, especially being at a charter school. In charter schools you pull double & triple more than the load you would pull in a public school. Good luck with wishing for more support. It’s probably not going to happen. Your fellow teachers will be your support. Does your organization have a SpEd Coach?

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