Go Off-y Nuclear Me!

Dear Readers,

I know the title is strange but that’s what I did. I went off on a student today. Usually I’m more patient and will try to figure out why the child was having a bad day. Well, today I’d just received word that I’m getting two more students. That was not something that I wanted to hear. I’m already overwhelmed and feel as if I’m not doing the best that I can, and now I have two more to add to that!!!!


So, this is what happened. Usually I stand at the door at the beginning of class to greet the students. However, another student came in and was needy, off the bat, so I was distracted. Well, this particular student took advantage of that and came in loud and wanting to play. I told him if he wasn’t ready to sit in class without disrupting, that he could step out of the classroom for a couple of minutes. He did exercise that option; he went to the counseling office. Once he returned, nothing had changed. He was still disruptive. At this point, I was still trying to work with him, but he continued. I called him and the other disruptive student over to my desk and gave them two choices since I’d already talked to them about 5-6 times at this point. I gave them the choice of behaving or having a parent conference. They said they’d behave. Do you think they did? No, they did not. So, after he’d been disruptive for about the 10th time (I’m not exaggerating!), I told him to leave the class and go to the counseling office.

I was honestly at my wits end. I’ll talk to him to tomorrow. However, even though I’ll talk to him tomorrow and see if he had a bad weekend and that was the reason for the misbehavior, he’s still going to have consequences- lunch detention. I’ll let you know how it goes by the weekend because right now I am about to go out to a movie with my husband.

Bye for now!


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