The Origin/Authorship of “Hey Black Child”!

Dear Readers,

Useni Eugene Perkins

Someone by the name of Kate O’Leary commented on my post from 2008. She left a rude & nasty comment regarding the authorship of “Hey Black Child” by Useni Eugene Perkins. She wondered why I would put such falsehood out there, especially since I am a Special Education teacher. I replied that it was a simple mistake that anyone can make but I did not, in fact, know that it was a mistake. I remember researching the authorship & determining that it was Useni Eugene Perkins and not Countee Cullen.

Here are two links explaining the authorship. Thanks Kate O’ Leary, even though you were ridiculously rude, for making me remember that I do, in fact, fact check before I publish. But if I do make a mistake, that’s okay too. Just a quick note: If you don’t like what I put on my page, you are free to go elsewhere. GO AND JUDGE SOMEONE ELSE!


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