Earning My Money!!!

Dear Readers,

Money bag

I am definitely earning my money. Because I don’t like doing I.E.P.s, I struck a deal with the former 11th/12th grade teacher & administration. So, I have one more class this year than I did last year; instead of two classes, I have three. Let me tell you that there’s a big, fat difference between two classes vs. three classes. I have all of the 9th, 10th, most of the 11th, & most of the 12th grade students for a total of 45 students on my caseload. There are 9 students that I am responsible for that are not in the Lab with me which makes it that much more difficult to keep track of them.

So, I developed a tracking system that I’m quite proud of. If you’d like the forms, email me @ specialedandme@gmail.com.

So, that’s one of the ways that I’m earning my money this year. Another way is with the ridiculously hard to manage students. Last year I had three hard to manage students. This year, I have about seven. It’s much work. I’m tired a lot but I will do as I always do, I will keep on keeping on!


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