A Surprising Ally!

Dear Readers,

No WeaponI’m pleasantly surprised that I had a surprise ally in our school psychologist. Usually at our IEP meetings, she’ll try to sabotage me or sucker punch me with surprise information in some kind of way. Well, today was different. During the meeting, the mom of the student who I’ll call Lilo, asked how we were addressing her daughter’s learning differences. In other words, she was putting the responsibility on the team and basically absolving her child of any responsibility. That’s when the psychologist told the mom that all of us, everyone in the room, were the team and that her daughter needed to take some responsibility for her lack of work production and talking with her friends during class time.

The mom and daughter were very receptive to the message. I just can’t help but wonder how they would have accepted it coming from me. But, I digress.

I’m just happy that the school psychologist actually had my back and let the mom know that Lilo had to accept some type of responsibility.

Thank goodness for small favors!


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