It’s Not About the Money!!!

Dear Readers,

I was kinda’ mad at myself for being so resistant to change. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that I am terribly resistant to change. Another lesson I’ve learned from that is that when I am especially resistant to change and don’t want to do something, it actually turns out well for me.

One recent example is a tutoring assignment that I accepted. Even though I don’t have a reason to worry about money, I’ve been worried about money. So much so that I accepted said tutoring assignment that only pays $24/hour. Now, since the assignment is only 1 hour/week, it really isn’t about the money; this money is not going to make or break me. It’s just pocket change. So, why am I doing it?


Well, I was thinking about calling and quitting but I just couldn’t; my work ethic and pride in my work wouldn’t let. It feels good to be tutoring my student, who I’ll call Bunnygirl, because it feels like I’m going back to my roots. I don’t feel quite as at home teaching high school as I do when I taught elementary school. When I taught elementary school, I really felt as if I could catch the students before they fell through the cracks or fell behind.

So, how was it? It was fantastic! Even though I went to the tutoring session after working all day, I feel energized because I was able to help my student with her regrouping homework using play money. Not only that, I was able to show her how to do it without me. I walked her through the steps a couple of times while  explaining everything along the way. Then I asked her to set up the problem. Once her parents came home, I let her show her parents what she learned.

Once we started on the spelling homework, I then guided her through some Lindamood-Bell visualization techniques to help with her spelling words. We talked about her spelling and she was upset that she didn’t get 100% on her spelling tests like her friends. I told her that we were going to worry about just her and not her friends. I then asked her to point out the spelling words that she knew. Once she pointed out the easy ones, I let her use my purple pen and told her that I would bet her that she knew at least two more. I knew that she would be able to spell them since the other spelling words had similar spelling patterns. We struck a deal. I told her to only work on 7/20 spelling words. If she only worked on the 7/20 spelling words and got all 7 correct, then she would get one of the little treats I have in my garage that I got from Lakeshore Learning. She was excited about that. I also gave her (to have) my purple pen and told Bunnygirl’s mom, Bunnylady, about Harold & the Purple Crayon since it’s one of my favorite little cartoons because it celebrates imagination. Bunnylady told me that she’d have Bunnygirl watch it so that she could get excited about the purple pen that I gave her. All in all, it was a fantastic session. I’m actually looking forward to next week. I’ll keep you in the know. Bye for now!


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